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Welcome To The Weight for it Fitness Mobile Gym

All Ability Levels Welcome!!

The gym was created for individuals of all needs. If you have autism, Down syndrome or any cognitive, learning or physical need that requires specialized attention, I am here.  I cater to teens and adults. I also cater to parents of clients and postpartum moms. I am here for people who can't easily leave their homes or who are not comfortable in a gym.


A Trainer Who Cares


  My name is Janet. I am a certified personal trainer - exercise fitness specialist for Weight for It Fitness Mobile Gym. My gym caters to anyone who is in need of a personal training space. If you have difficulty with social interaction, cognitive, physical or learning challenges or want to be stronger and improve your motor skills, I can help.

Training Expertise


My certification is from AAPTE (Academy of Applied Personal Training Education). I am trained in biomechanics, client assessment, nutrition, medical conditions and exercise program design. I am also CPR certified.  

Your Success is the Goal


 For many years, working out in various gyms, I have observed how difficult it is for individuals with diverse sensory and physical requirements to achieve their goals. Everyone should be able to enjoy physical activity at their own comfort level.

How It Works

What I Do

 I will come with my mobile gym to your home or place of work. Together, we will develop a specialized program where you can move, gain strength and have fun! 


I can evaluate your current nutrition information and work on meeting new goals. 

Gym Rules

1. Bring a positive attitude!

2. Singing allowed.

3. We don't quit!

4. Victory dancing encouraged!!


The first step for planning a workout is to see what your needs, goals and abilities are. From there, we can create a fitness plan that's right for you.

Getting Started

We can move at your pace. Fitness should be fun; it can be in the right atmosphere and with the right partner.  I will be by your side the whole time, guiding you through every move. I will challenge, encourage and motivate you to do more than you think you can do. 


Working out is about challenging yourself to accomplish new things but that should be achieved in a setting that is specifically right for you. You can bring your own music (or none at all) and whatever else makes you feel secure in the space we work in.  

Additional Information

We use on site cameras that run during all sessions to use for review..

Who We Serve

I serve the following clients in these categories, It includes but is not limited to::

autism spectrum

Down syndrome

stroke survivors

postpartum moms





senior citizens

Contact Us

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I do my best to accommodate all schedules. Call or email me for a free consultation.

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